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Resvent Medical Official Online Store launched, Initiating the Era of Direct Online Sales for Chinese PAP Device!

Resvent Medical Official Online Store launched, Initiating the Era of Direct Online Sales for Chinese PAP Device!

On February 22, 2024, Resvent Medical announced the official launch of its global official online store (, where home respiratory devices and health care products are available for purchase on its official online store. The opening of this online sales channel signifies that Resvent Medical's PAP device and accessories can now be directly purchased by end-users. Recognizing the importance of sleep respiratory health and the global severity of sleep-related health issues, the introduction of the global online e-commerce platform provides a more convenient avenue for the popularization of home respirators worldwide and the treatment of sleep respiratory health.


In-house Brand Products and Health Care Products


iBreeze PAP Device

iBreeze, a best-selling product from Resvent Medical's home respirator line, has received unanimous praise for its comfort, quiet operation, and user-friendly design since its launch. Equipped with advanced algorithms and positive pressure ventilation therapy technology, iBreeze effectively alleviates discomfort symptoms for sleep apnea patients.


iBreeze + Portable PAP Device

iBreeze + redefines sleep respirators, weighing only 680 grams with modular design, providing users with more convenient and personalized treatment options in both business travel and home settings. It inherits and optimizes the previous generation iBreeze technology, automatically adjusting ventilation pressure based on users' real-time needs to ensure optimal treatment effects.

 iBreeze +

Smart Ring 

Nexring Smart Ring is health care product sell by Resvent for sleep health care people, offering a fusion of fashion and technology. Crafted with titanium alloy thinning technology, it not only aligns with modern aesthetics but also presents a new choice in smart wearable product. Monitoring sleep quality, heart rate, activity, and body temperature through personalized insights, it not only tracks users' sleep patterns but also provides customized sleep advice. Compact and portable, it is an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals and business travelers.

 nexring smart ring

DTC Direct Sales Model, Extensive Business Coverage

Resvent Medical official store adopts the DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) direct sales model, bypassing agents and offline stores to reach customers directly. With business coverage in major countries across Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Africa, we provide global users with high-quality sleep respiratory products and personal health care products. Classified under medical equipment and health care product categories, we customize respiratory device and accessories based on different countries' regulations and demand variations. This means that users can find medical equipment products that comply with their country's standards and personalized health care products tailored to their specific health needs in our store.


Why buy from Resvent Medical Shop?

The launch of Resvent Medical's official e-commerce platform aims to provide users with a convenient shopping experience. Orders worldwide benefit from fast and reliable delivery services through UPS and FedEx, ensuring timely product arrivals. We guarantee original products and quality assurance, offering a 30-day return service. The Resvent after-sales team provides professional guidance on device usage, repair support, and other after-sales assistance to users who purchase respiratory machines.

Resvent Medical is dedicated to providing innovative sleep respiratory health solutions, offering users a better sleep experience and a healthier life. Visit our online store now to experience advanced sleep technology and improve your quality of life!

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