iBreeze+ APAP Machine

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样式: APAP
  • Lightweight and Portable Easy to use.
  • Optional battery allows you enjoy a good sleep while traveling.
  • Quiet operation, just like whisper in a quiet summer night
  • Screen off automatically to avoid light disturbing sleep
  • Resent Resassist TM helps you to manage your sleep data
  • Prescription Required
  • Quick Delivery in 5-7 days
  • Professional Services Engineer
  • 30-day Return Policy
样式: APAP

iBreeze+ APAP Machine

Redefine premium Auto-CPAP


Your routine headache, we perceive.
As a regular CPAP user, taking your old therapy device during travelling days may consume you lots of extra attention & energy. A heavy weight, a hulking carry bag and AC dependent system have been depriving the elegance from the days.

Your daily convenience, we care.
A portable CPAP as iBreeze+ will meet all your imagination & expectation of a sleep on your go. Without compromise on performance within 680g, iBreeze+ is indeed representing the highest state of art in field.

Only 680g

As light as a mineral water
bring a daily carrying of
iBreeze+ no any headache at all.

Only 15cm Body

Same size as your
smartphone keeps the consistent decent of your carry bag as before.

But 13h Battery Life

Up to 13h battery backup
ensure the free & careless
during your regular travelling.


Pleasing at home, and on your go.
Comfortableness means a lot to a regular user of CPAP. Integrated with resvent brilliant experiences in respiration & ventilation, abundant advanced technology and algorithm on pressure release, synchronization and event diagnosis are adopted on iBreeze+ to satisfy even the most harsh customers. A noise level down to 28dB will maintain a quiet environment for all family members throughout the night.

Heating tube

iBreeze+ has been designed with integrated power supply system on humidifier and can be connected with heating tube, which will eliminate the water condensation even in most harsh environment.


With the help of silencer connected with main unit, a quiet and peaceful therapy night becomes reachablefor you and families.

Intelligent humidifier

iBreeze+ series intelligent humidifier is designed with cover and seal water tank. System will continuously monitor the water level, and stop heating & give a visible alert, while the water level comes low, in avoiding patient' s discomfort leaded by dry air and delivery the maximum of safety.


Touch, ease your every setup.
As a daily partner during sleep, easy to use without taking your extra hassle is goal we are chasing at all time. Intuitive touching screen supported by flat UI is available on iBreeze+ series which will bring you a real interaction experiences while using. See, touch, and get it done becomes to possible on a compact system.

Ergonomic & thoughtful design
The ergonomic design are everywhere on iBreeze+ series. Braille type of button design,rotatable humidifier outlet connector, and one hand operable humidifier and battery release lock make your daily use with ease and pleasance.

iBreeze 20A Plus Specification

Treatment Modes:


Pressure Range:

4-20 cmH2O





Static Pressure Range:

±0.5 cm H2O



Humidification in safe:

Anti dry heating

Data Management:

SD card storage of 365 days, Automatic data upload to the cloud through WiFi connection

IPR(Intelligent Pressure Release)

3 Level